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We offer you the right balance between digital marketing needs and the right trading. Our progressive modules allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies and online business strategies. We offer you personalized assistance to ensure that your expectations align with our results. By joining our Digital Marketing Course you also get access to our student portfolio for life.

Popular Trending Courses

  • Website Designing

    The site is very important for any company as it is a forum where you get advice about product and business, so it is easy to understand with your site what products you have.

  • Content Writing

    Content writing means writing about something, and here you are looking for a site because a site is where you can write individual posts about Reviews, Features, Benefits, and Values, etc.

  • SEO

    It is a special way that puts your site closer to a higher number of search engine results that increases traffic. For this, we should build our website based on keywords and SEO guidelines.

  • Social Media Marketing

    With SMM, a user can express their ideas in front of tens of thousands of people. You are familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is important for every company in every way as any provider offers new offerings and discounts to customers at a time, when email promotions are the easiest way.

  • YouTube Marketing

    YouTube is now the second most popular search engine in the world because most men and women now want to watch videos to understand anything.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    The revenue earned by marketing products through sites, links or blogs is called Affiliate Marketing. Below that, you create your own link and place your assets on that link.

  • ORM

    It is not enough to build a website and put it in the best place possible. It is also important that you have a good and complete appearance online. Negative feedback may undermine site performance.

  • PPC or Google Ads

    The ad you want to see on the SERP homepage payout on google is known as Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising as it is known by its name, which is a deduction when clicked.

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What you can expect after completion of Advance Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Manager

Salary : 3.0 L to 5.0 L

Salary : 2.4 L to 4.0 L

Content Strategist

Salary : 3.6 L to 6.0 L

Performance Marketer

Salary : 5.0 L to 8.0 L

Affiliate Marketing

Salary : 2.4 L to 3.5 L

Digital Media Planner

Salary : 4.0 L to 6.0 L

Social Media Manager

Salary : 3.0 L to 5.0 L

Digital Analyst

Salary : 4.0 L to 7.0 L

Freelancer Digital Marketer

Salary : 6.0 L to 12.0 L

Freelancer Content Writer

Salary : 3.0 L to 6.0 L

Political Consultant

Salary : 8.0 L to 25.0 L

Start an Agency

Salary : 3.0 L to 10.0 L

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We provide both online & offline Digital Marketing Training in Varanasi. Huge growth of internet and social media users over the years shows that Digital Marketing is a viable career for all new graduates.

Online Classes

Live classes by the best-in-class faculty and industry leaders in this Digital Marketing online program.

Offline Classes

Learn and Grow Industrial Professionals. Each module will be handled by the relevant topic experts.

100% job Placement

We have a team dedicated to providing you with phone calls until you are placed. We enrolled all our students after graduation.